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Piano Studio Policies

Piano lessons are like a triangle--it takes three sides to make a successful musical experience. The student, parent and teacher must all work together; hence, cooperation and communication between all parties is essential.

Philosophy and Mission

Benefits of a Strong Music Education

Teacher Responsibilities

Ms. Charlene will provide a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere for learning and will offer many performance and enriching activities. She will continue to further her teaching skills and music knowledge by belonging to professional organizations, attending workshops, reading professional publications, and engaging in other activities leading to professional growth. Ms. Charlene will encourage a feeling of success at each studentís individual rate of learning and guide each student towards musical independence with a balanced program of theory, technic, ear-training, sight-reading and performance opportunities. She will make piano as fun and entertaining as possible!

Student Responsibilities

The student agrees to arrive at each lesson punctually, well-prepared, and with all necessary materials. If you arrive five minutes late, your lesson is five minutes shorter. You reserve the time slot, not the number of minutes.

In order to progress satisfactorily, daily quality practice is necessary and required. If questions arise, be sure to ask Ms. Shelzi questions during lessons; I want you to completely understand the assignment. Youth students will participate in a minimum of two performances and/or four Keyboard Gymnastics Events per year. Students will also have the option of performance opportunities offered through the Phoenix Music Teachers Association (PMTA) if desired.

Adult Students

Adult students may register for lessons by the term and can re-evaluate enrollment at the beginning of each term. Adult students will receive 17 private lessons each term and may choose to participate in any of the activities the youth students are offered if desired. These are not required.

Parental Responsibilities

Encourage progress! Many small steps throughout the year yield great results! Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend lessons at any time. Please check your child's notebook weekly for pertinent information. Parental support is a must for a child's musical growth. To help your child develop self-discipline and good practice habits, set aside a regular time for practice each day (this can be done all at once or divided into two or more daily practice sessions). Younger children especially need help with their practicing. The parent is to provide a piano in the best possible condition (most keyboards and organs are not appropriate), a metronome, and a place allowing quiet and uninterrupted practice. Provide a practice environment that is free from interruptions (family, friends, TV, computer or phone). Be financially responsible and pay tuition on time. For questions regarding tuition and your account, email Also, communicate with me any questions or concerns you may have about your childís progress. Be helpful, interested and supportive!


When students enroll, they are reserving their placement in the studio for the entire year. All students are expected to register for a minimum of 7 summer lessons bringing the total lessons for the year to 41. The enrollment agreement is a firm commitment and guarantees your place in the studio. Tuition is charged by the term and is payment for the studentís whole course of music study, payable in advance by term or in monthly installments from September through July. Tuition does not include payment for Keyboard Gymnastics, Ensemble or other Festival fees; these are paid out of the registration fees.

Registration Fee

Each youth student will be charged a yearly registration fee of $100 in August, which includes:

If there are two or more students in a family taking lessons, two equal payments can be made in August and September for the registration fee.

Adult students will be charged a registration fee of $50 in August


The year is divided into three terms, August — December, January — May, and June — August. Tuition is $675 per term per student. Summer term is $270 for 6 lessons over an 8-week period.

Tuition will include 17 lessons total, thirteen 45-minute private lessons for morning students or 40-minute private lessons for afternoon students, and four one-hour group lessons per term. Summer term will only be private lessons. Tuition may be paid in a lump sum of $675 per student, at the beginning of each term, or may be divided into five equal payments of $135 per student due on or before the first lesson of each month starting August 12. Families opting to pay monthly must pay using automatic bill pay from their banking institution or must provide the entire terms monthly payments in post-dated checks. Tuition is non-refundable. As with University tuition, piano lesson tuition is payable whether the student attends or not.

Group lessons enhance the private lesson. In group lessons we discuss composition techniques, study composers and music history, have performance opportunities, practice ear training skills and play music games that reinforce music theory concepts. Group lessons are one of the highlights of the studio experience...we have such fun and learn in ways that are impossible one-on-one. See calendar for dates at

What Tuition Covers

Tuition covers not only the contact time spent with the student, but also the time spent in preparation for the student:

Tuition Rebates

Students who complete four weeks of "Full Practice" the previous month will earn a practice rebate of $10.00 given to the student in cold hard cash at the first lesson of the month. To receive credit, the parent must verify that the student has completed an honest week's practice by signing their notebook and practice chart. Students must have all assignments current to qualify, including all theory and listening assignments completed.


During the course of the year various materials are required. Each student must have the following materials provided by the parent (unless specified):

When possible, we will use music that the student has already purchased. Photocopied materials are illegal and will not be used unless the original music is no longer in print and we have permission from the copyright owner.

Music Lending Library

The lending library adds variety to student repertoire. The music available will be supplementary only. All students will still be required to provide their own method books. This library will give students access to a wide selection of pieces without the added expense of acquiring music for a one-time event. The library fee is included in the Registration Fee. Students may check the music out as often as necessary, but must agree not to photocopy copyrighted material. Music must be returned in good condition. Damaged music will be replaced by the student.

Awards and Incentive Programs

All students have a place to record weekly practice in their piano notebook and may earn music money for each week of practice, which can be spent on prizes available at every lesson. All students also have the opportunity to participate in the Keyboard Gymnastics Program, which rewards students who excel in the following areas: theory, ear-training, sight-reading, technic, performance, ensemble and creative project. To learn more about Keyboard Gymnastics of Phoenix, visit the website at

Cancelled Lessons and Makeup Lessons

Please understand that the tuition you pay reserves an exclusive weekly time in the schedule for your child. Unlike a doctor or a hairdresser, I cannot re-sell that time nor will I create extra teaching time in which to give lessons.

No payment credit will be provided for missed lessons. Due to the teacherís limited availability, only 1 make-up lesson per student, per school year will be permitted and only offered for illness. Students must give notification at least 8 hours in advance. Be sure to choose a lesson time that is one in which you feel confident that you will have no other conflicts. Those students requesting Monday lesson times, please note that there will be lessons scheduled on some minor holidays (Labor Day, MLK Day and Presidents Day).

Please do not request Ms. Charlene to alter the schedule to accommodate extracurricular activities. In the unusual event of Ms. Charlene canceling a lesson, she will gladly reschedule a make-up lesson at the earliest possible time.

Unavoidable Conflicts and Swap List

Please use the lesson exchange roster (found in the front of each studentís piano notebook) for any unavoidable conflict; i.e. your student has a sporting event, doctor's appointment, birthday party;†use the exchange roster if you don't want to miss that lesson.† The family that is exchanging the lesson needs to let me know the exchange information.† If you do not want your phone number released on the swap list, please notify me. No credits are given for lessons the student chooses to miss.

The student exchange roster is given only to those families who have opted in to exchange with other families when a conflict in your normal piano lesson schedule should arise.† Please take the time to read the exchange roster rules before using the student exchange roster.

All exchanges must be done PARENT TO PARENT. The teacher will not arrange changes for any student and students are NEVER to arrange them for themselves. The parent who requested the exchange is responsible to email or call me within 24 hours to let me know what has been worked out. If two families show up for the same lesson time because the exchange was not confirmed properly, priority will go to the normally scheduled student(s) with no refund or rescheduling for the other student(s).

Exchanges are not obligatory, they are reciprocal. If someone says NO to an exchange request, please respect that. If someone exchanges with you, however, be kind and return the favor when possible.

The exchanges list is NEVER to be used to solicit funds for schools or any other organization for any purpose including any kind of SPAM. Those who do so will be removed from the exchange list privilege. Please respect other's privacy.


Please be on time. If a student arrives late, they will finish only their remaining lesson time and will not go into the next students' time.


There are several opportunities for performance during the year. All youth students are expected to perform on at least two of these dates. Out of courtesy to other performers, plan to stay for the entire recital. This teaches respect toward the efforts of all performers to listen to the achievements of others and to expand and broaden their knowledge of repertoire. Students/Families leaving early will not receive credit for having attended. Recitals will not exceed one hour in duration.


Students are expected to get six days of FULL practice each week. In the event of vacations, illness, etc., students can practice extra to make up for missed practice sessions. Full Practice will be defined as completing each assignment a specific number of times each day. For example, practice the E scale three times perfect each day, review measures 10-18 five times perfect each day, etc. There will be specific directions outlined in each studentís notebook. This may mean your child's practice time may fluctuate depending on the length of time it takes to perfect certain passages. Also, every 30 minutes spent on music theory can count for one day of practice. Students may have specific holidays that are "practice free." They include: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Independence Day, and their Birthday. Parents are encouraged to fill out practice charts and sign them so that an accurate record can be applied to the practice rebate.

Location and Parking

The studio is located at 8736 E. San Victor Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85258. Please drive SLOWLY as the city frequently parks speeding cameras in the area on Mountain View. Please park in front of the single-car garage or in the cul-de-sac east of the home. Please do not park directly in front of the property.

Terminating Lessons

The teacher may terminate lessons due to negative behavior, failure to practice, or failure to comply with studio etiquette.† Terminating lessons†before the end of the year (September through July) must be by mutual agreement between the teacher and parent.† Any termination†initiated by the parent or student requires 1 month WRITTEN†and PAID TUITION notice.

Ms. Charlene can be reached by phone at 480-241-1527, or email at

Video Recordings

During private/group lessons and performances; the teacher reserves the right to use video recording or take photographs of students for use in lesson demonstration, advertising materials, and studio owned websites. Photos taken by the teacher or that are shared with the teacher by other parents or students become the property of the studio and can be used at the discretion of the teacher in regards to the studio. The studio follows online safety rules in this matter.

Studio Facebook Page

The studio has a closed group on Facebook to share video performances and activities. Please join to see what weíre doing!


We have read and agree to adhere to these policies. We recognize that failing to follow these policies will limit our success and could end our association with Charlene's piano studio.



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